Dr. Baby Wario Is Here to Haunt Your Nightmares in New Dr. Mario World Update

Since the mobile game's release, Dr. Mario World has introduced players to some really crazy [...]

Since the mobile game's release, Dr. Mario World has introduced players to some really crazy variations on the Mushroom Kingdom's most popular characters. The latest, however, might be the kind of nightmare fuel that literally no person would want helping them heal from any kind of injury: Dr. Baby Wario. Now, first of all, it must be really easy to get a medical degree in the Mushroom Kingdom. Last month, the game introduced Dr. Dolphin, so it seems like medical degrees might actually be found in Question Blocks, there. But even if that is the case, Dr. Dolphin seems far more trustworthy than Dr. Baby Wario.

Dr. Mario World's official Twitter account would have you believe that there's something cute about Dr. Baby Wario, but let's immediately set that aside, because Wario and cute have never actually mixed. Baby Mario is adorable, but Baby Wario is kind of haunting. The baby iteration of the character has previously appeared in Mario titles, but he's been reimagined a bit for Dr. Mario World, and it's much creepier than before. It could be that new coat and tie. Perhaps it's the nose, which seems to be the exact same size it is in Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins. Of course, his teeth seem to be the same size, too. On that note, what could this kid be eating with those chompers? Wario has always had an affection for garlic, but it seems like this kid was eating whole cloves shortly after birth! Apparently, it was straight to medical school, from there.

If there's one relief to be had, it's that Wario clearly didn't stick with the medical profession. By the time he reached middle age, he seemed more concerned with stealing treasure, and even forming his own video game company. Either tossing so many pills into a patient that it literally forms stacks isn't very lucrative, or there's just not a high demand for medical professionals in the Mushroom Kingdom, since apparently even Dolphins can get in on that.

Anyway, if Dr. Baby Wario hasn't successfully frightened you off just yet, you can find him in Dr. Mario World on June 26th starting at 3 a.m. PT. The game is currently available on iOS and Android devices.

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