Cancelled NES Game Released More Than 30 Years Later

Throughout the history of the industry, countless video games have been cancelled. More often than not, these games simply disappear, never to be heard from again. That seemed to be the case for the NES version of Airball, a title that was originally released for computers in 1987 and was planned for the Nintendo Entertainment System. However, developer Retro Room Games has rectified that, releasing a physical version that can now be purchased for Nintendo's original console. In addition to an NES version, Retro Room has also released a version for Game Boy Advance.

A trailer for Airball can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

For those unfamiliar with Airball, the game sees the main character transformed into a ball of air by an evil wizard. To transform back into a human, the player must explore a mansion filled with 150 rooms. A puzzle platformer, the game tasks players with exploring these rooms from an isometric perspective. Both versions of the game can be purchased with just the cart for $29.99, or packed in boxes matching the original retro style with an instruction manual for $49.99. The GBA was a more powerful piece of hardware compared to the NES, and players can expect this version to feature enhanced graphics. Readers can find out more at Retro Room's official website right here.

While readers might be surprised to hear about a new NES game releasing in 2022, this is not the first time that a cancelled game has been made available on the platform. Back in 2020, a lost NES version of Days of Thunder was reconstructed from floppy disks and released decades after it was originally supposed to. Retro gaming has become a very big part of the video game industry over the years, and there's a significant market for these types of releases. For some, it's the appeal of revisiting an older style of gameplay, while others just enjoy the historical nature of it!

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