More Details Emerge On The New Nintendo Power Podcast

The Nintendo Power magazine came to a close quite some time ago, bringing an end to the era that [...]

The Nintendo Power magazine came to a close quite some time ago, bringing an end to the era that many NES and SNES owners grew up with for years. But now, something has emerged in its place – a Nintendo Power podcast, which we first reported on last month. It certainly beats nothing, and has stirred up a bit of nostalgia in fans – not to mention giving Nintendo a new way to reach out to said fans.

Nintendo Life recently spoke with the hosts of the Nintendo Power podcast about what listeners can expect from the show, with Chris Slate and Kit Ellis both contributing to the interview. Both bring years of Nintendo experience to the table, making them ideal figures to host the show.

The discussion for such a podcast actually began during the summer of 2016, with focus from "inside the mothership" as it were, on forthcoming Nintendo projects. During that time, Steve Norman, who serves as head of Nintendo's social media, noted that Nintendo Power would be the perfect name for the show.

"It's a challenging industry to enter these days," noted Slate, explaining that many magazines have gone the way of the dodo over the past few years, with a shift over to digital content. But he felt that the podcast format would be a good one for the name.

As far as embodying the spirit of Nintendo Power, Kit Ellis noted, "There's a tremendous number of people in Nintendo of America that love Nintendo Power, and the podcast feels like a modern execution of the magazine concept, giving the player stories from within Nintendo in an extended, in-depth approach."

And the show is still building up, with new episodes being planned on a monthly basis, although that could change based on demand. It'll focus mainly on North American business, although bringing in big-name Japanese talent is a plus, as the first episode has done with Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma and game director Hidemaro Fujibayashi.

As far as where future episodes will go, "We're waiting for feedback," noted Slate. "You could say we're in sort of an observation, ear-to-the-ground mode." Those of you with future suggestions for the show are encouraged to email them to

However, don't go holding out for a return of the magazine. "There are no plans to bring the magazine back," Slate confirmed. At least you have the classic magazines.

Take a listen to the first Nintendo Power podcast in the link above!