Nintendo Reveals Disappointing News for Sega Genesis Fans

Nintendo has revealed some bad news for those who might be fans of the classic Sega Genesis console. While this bad news is curtailed by the fact that Nintendo Switch Online is soon poised to add a number of Genesis games to the subscription service, Nintendo itself is leaving those in western markets out in the cold when it comes to the release of a popular accessory that is associated with the throwback platform. 

To coincide with the addition of Genesis titles coming to Nintendo Switch Online later in 2021, Nintendo revealed that it would be releasing a wireless Sega Genesis controller that is compatible with Switch for players to use. Unfortunately, though, Nintendo is not releasing the same version of this controller in all regions around the globe. Specifically, those in western markets will merely be getting the iteration of the Genesis controller that merely comes with three buttons. And while this is technically the standard (and most iconic) iteration of the controller, those in Japan are actually getting a much better version. 

The iteration of this Genesis controller that Japan is getting instead boasts six buttons rather than three. This is a revision of the controller that released years into the lifecycle of the Sega Genesis itself and was more aimed at fighting game players. Still, since it features double the buttons as the classic model, many Genesis fans consider it to be the superior version. Sadly, unless you're willing to import the six-button controller from Japan, you'll have to settle for the standard edition.

When it comes to the actual release of this Sega Genesis controller, the only thing we know for certain is that it's set to retail for $49.99 and will be available to purchase for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. As for its actual arrival date, Nintendo hasn't said just yet. Given that Genesis games will be added to Nintendo Switch Online at some point in October, though, it stands to reason that we'll learn more on this front quite soon.

How do you feel about Nintendo releasing a different version of this Sega Genesis controller in different regions around the globe? And which model would you prefer to have for yourself? Let me know your reaction either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.