Nintendo Smothered the Competition in April

Nintendo continues to dominate the charts, and recent sales figures show exactly why we let you [...]

mario kart
(Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo continues to dominate the charts, and recent sales figures show exactly why we let you guys know every time we see the Switch in stock somewhere: they're still selling like crazy. The NPD group revealed that the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling video game console in the month of April, with over 280,000 units sold. This makes two months in a row that Nintendo hardware has toppled the competition, following a record-breaking launch in March.

The Nintendo 3DS also performed admirably, swelling Nintendo's hardware sales to almost half a million units. Out of all video game hardware sold in April, across all platforms, Nintendo systems made up almost half. This is an exceptional win for Nintendo, but it wasn't altogether unexpected; Nintendo has been unleashing some monster games for the Switch, and the already-impressive 3DS library continues to grow.

The NPD disclosed that over 550,000 copies of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe were sold in its first two days. Meanwhile, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ended up being the third-highest-selling video game in April, which is stunning because we assumed that everyone in the world already owned Breath of the Wild at this point. Nintendo also reported that 1-2 Switch and Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! (which is adorable) also performed very strongly.

If you're wondering if it's still worth picking up a 3DS now that the Nintendo Switch is out in the wild, the answer is still yes. If you've never owned a 3DS, you're currently missing out on one of the largest and most impressive video game libraries that has ever been available during any hardware generation. This is doubly true since you can play DS games on the 3DS.

There are many fantastic 3DS games still on the way as well. Tomorrow Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia storms onto the 3DS, and it's an amazing strategy RPG. You can read our full review later today. We're also looking forward to Ever Oasis, Hey! Pikmin, and Miitopia. If your interest is piqued, consider looking into the New Nintendo 2DS XL, which hits shelves on July 28.

Keep it up, Nintendo. We want to see what Microsoft and Sony have up their sleeves, and there's nothing like strong competition to light the fire of creativity under corporate's ass.