Nintendo President Says Nintendo Switch Successor Is a "Major Concern"

The current president of Nintendo may have just teased Nintendo Switch 2. Although it's not currently known what Nintendo's next video game hardware will look like, many have speculated that it will be a new revision of the Switch in some capacity. While Nintendo has yet to state that this will be the case, the president of the longtime Japanese video game publisher opened up more about the company's thought process as it looks to create a new console. 

Speaking in a recent call with investors (translated by VGC), Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa talked more about the next steps that will be taken with new hardware. Again, while Furukawa didn't outright state that a new model of the Switch will end up succeeding the current version, he did acknowledge that the success of the console has put Nintendo in a bit of a rough spot. 

"Unlike the past, we continue to have a large variety of games scheduled to be released, even beyond five years of release. This is because the Nintendo Switch has had such a smooth launch, allowing us to focus all of our development resources on a single platform," Furukawa said. "However, the question of whether we will be able to just as smoothly transition from the Nintendo Switch to the next generation of hardware is a major concern for us. Based on our experiences with the Wii, Nintendo DS, and other hardware, it is very clear that one of the major obstacles is how to easily transition from one hardware to the next."

Even though Nintendo has had more success than ever before with the Switch, Furukawa is right in that it will be hard for the company to pivot away from the device. As such, this is why so many people believe that the next Nintendo console will be similar to the Switch so that it's not such a jarring change from one generation to the next. What Nintendo decides to do with its next game console remains a mystery, but perhaps more details will come to light over the course of 2022.