This Week's Nintendo eShop Deals Include Games Under $10

This week's Nintendo eShop deals include plenty of quick and fun games with prices knocked down to [...]


This week's Nintendo eShop deals include plenty of quick and fun games with prices knocked down to as low as 99 cents. This week's sale focus is on games under $10 on Nintendo's three major platforms: the Switch, the 3DS, and the Wii U. While there aren't really any huge titles lined up, most of the games run for under 2 bucks, and they're great indie additions to any roster. Here's a highlight of our favorites from the list:

Stick It To The Man - $8.99 - Nintendo Switch

Tactical Mind - $2.69 - Nintendo Switch

Breakout Defense - $4.90 - Nintendo 3DS

Breakout Defense 2 - $4.90 - Nintendo Wii U

The Bridge - $3.99 - Nintendo Switch

Swipe - $.99 - Nintendo 3DS

Triple Breakout - $3.49 - Nintendo 3DS

Tap Tap Arcade - $1.33 - Nintendo Wii U

Tap Tap Arcade 2 - $2.00 - Nintendo Wii U

Tachyon Project - $7.99 0 Nintendo Wii U

Super Robo Mouse - $3.00 - Nintendo Wii U

Aces of Luftwaffe - Squadron - $9.99 - Nintendo Switch

Galaxy Blaster - $.99 - Nintendo Wii U

Pixel Slime U - $2.00 - Nintendo Wii U

Aqua Moto Racing 3D - $5.99 - Nintendo 3DS

Check out the full sale here.

If you're looking to spend over ten, the game selection does get beefier. Alongside new arrivals this week, several games have gone on sale, including action RPGs like Portal Knights ($26.99), and big-name titles like the recently released Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star (currently $38.99). If you're looking for something a little less tactical and a little more narrative, The Coma: Recut is on sale for $15.99.

It's been a busy week for Nintendo, with announcements of record-breaking sales numbers and the new Nintendo Labo. The company expects the Switch to sell almost twice as much this year, and on the heels of the Labo announcement, Nintendo's value increased by $1.4 billion. Not bad, given the fact that we're only a little over half a month into the year. Marketing researchers have predicted that the Nintendo Switch will likely dominate the market this year, and anyone with two eyes can pick out at least one reason why.

The Labo kits are available for preorder now, and anyone looking to snatch up the deals above would do best to get them over the weekend. Most of these flash sales, despite focusing on lesser-known games, only last for a limited time, so stocking up is always good when the prices are low.