One Piece: Zoro Prequel Releases First Trailer

The Zoro Novel might not be animated, but One Piece is giving it a trailer nonetheless.

Monkey D. Luffy wouldn't have gotten as far as he had in his quest to become the king of the pirates if not for Roronoa Zoro, the green-haired swordsman who was one of the first Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece. Zoro might not want the crown, but he is looking to make his own dream come true of becoming the Grand Line's greatest swordsman. Set to receive a novel focusing on his younger years, the shonen franchise has released a new trailer to hype Zoro's upcoming book.

Roronoa Zoro certainly has his hands full in the final saga of One Piece. Joining Luffy and the other Straw Hat Pirates on Future Island, the manga has seen the green-haired swordsman taking on Rob Lucci and the Five Elders as new secrets are revealed about the Grand Line. When it comes to becoming the world's greatest swordsman, there is one mountain that Zoro will need to climb that isn't associated with the World Government. Since the early days of the series, Roronoa has been attempting to become strong enough to defeat Dracule Mihawk in their long-awaited rematch and it's a safe bet that the two will meet once again before the series finale.

One Piece's New Novel Trailer

When it came to Roronoa Zoro gaining his current strength in swordsmanship, it took some serious training and tutelage for him to reach his current heights. With the arrival of this new trailer, Zoro's teacher is highlighted who helped to teach Roronoa the basics when it came to wielding his patented weapons. Unfortunately, the novel has yet to confirm if it will be translated into English, but the continued popularity of One Piece might give it a good chance of one day hitting the West.

While One Piece's anime and manga are sailing toward the series finale, Netflix's live-action adaptation is just getting started when it comes to Zoro's quest. Looking to arrive next year, the live-action One Piece's second season will have big plans for Roronoa if it continues to follow the source material. Hitting the likes of Loguetown, Drum Island, and Alabasta, the potential locales for season two will give the swordsman some big fights against Baroqueworks. 

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