Nintendo Addresses Blue vs. Purple Switch Debate

Nintendo announced a new color option for the Nintendo Switch Lite recently, a welcome addition to [...]

Nintendo announced a new color option for the Nintendo Switch Lite recently, a welcome addition to the already colorful lineup for the smaller Switch console. In its promotions for the new Switch Lite color, Nintendo called it a "fresh new blue," but not everyone agreed. Sides were formed where many said the Switch was indeed blue while just as many opposing that idea said it wasn't blue but was instead purple. The debate was then featured within a Nintendo Minute video where hosts Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang discussed the color and compared the Switch to other things similar in color like Walugi's outfit and Mario's overalls.

You can check out the video below to see if the hosts are able to sway you one way or another regarding the color of the console. After talking about the new console and unboxing it, the color comparisons begin around three minutes into the video.

The pair appropriately started with Mario's overalls which most people can pretty safely agree are blue. Compared to the Switch, it's not the same blue, of course, but it's close enough to bolster the blue Switch argument.

Then comes Waluigi with his signature purple had and shirt. Again, you could make the case for some similarities, but Walugi and the Switch have less in common than Mario and the console.

The next two candidates, Marth and Captain Falcon, actually closer match the color than the ones before. Marth's described as having a "royal blue" which fits the look of the console while Captain Falcon's purple garb also closely resembles the color.

In the end, the comparisons were all essentially moot anyway since Nintendo officially refers to the console as blue and not purple. That's what you'll have to call it if you're selecting it from a store while you're browsing for the color you want, but once it's yours, we suppose you can call it whatever you want.

This particular Nintendo Switch Lite isn't available just yet. While it is listed on Nintendo's site among the other Switch Lite colors including Turquoise, Gray, Yellow, and Coral, it's not available to purchase right now. It'll start going on sale on May 21st and will be priced at $199.99 just like the other Switch Lite colors.