Two New Nintendo Directs Reportedly Happening Very Soon

According to a new report, a new Nintendo Direct is coming very soon, and it will focus on the [...]

According to a new report, a new Nintendo Direct is coming very soon, and it will focus on the company's 2020 lineup, which it hasn't been talking about. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word from Nintendo about a new Direct, however, it's reportedly in the final stages of being put together and will go up before the end of the month, or at least this is what a new report from Venture Beat alleges. The outlet doesn't provide a concrete date for the report, but does suggest it will happen on March 26. This will be a proper Nintendo Direct, with a focus on Nintendo's output for this year.

That's not the only rumored Nintendo Direct though. The report also claims that another will happen the week prior -- likely on March 18 -- that will focus on indie games. According to the outlet, this will be similar to the one Nintendo did for GDC last year.

Circling back to the bigger and latter Nintendo Direct, Venture Beat teases to expect remasters and ports, and a broader look at the Nintendo lineup for this year. Beyond this, there will be third-party publishers and developers present that will showcase games for this summer and beyond. Unfortunately, what third-parties, isn't divulged.

According to Venture Beat, Nintendo declined to comment on the report, which is standard. It does not comment on rumors or leaks, ever.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, like any report or rumor or leak or piece of unofficial information. While Venture Beat is considered a reliable source, even if everything here is correct, it's also subject to change.

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