Nintendo Switch eShop Finally Gets its First Game Sale

The Nintendo Switch eShop is finally getting its very first sale! Sumo Digital announced today [...]

The Nintendo Switch eShop is finally getting its very first sale! Sumo Digital announced today that Snake Pass will be available at a ssssteep discount on Nintendo Switch and PC. The Nintendo Switch version will be available for 40% off around noon central today, and on Steam you'll be able to find Snake Pass for 50% off. The Switch version will be on sale until July 4, while the Steam version will be on sale until July 5. And there's never been a better time to pick up this charming, relaxing platformer, since Snake Pass will be getting some additional free DLC soon! Check out the new trailer above.

Sumo Digital stated in its press release that the teaser trailer above contains some kind of hint alluding to the DLC on the way. Did you guys catch anything? We looked it over very intensely and didn't see any telltale signs. Snake Pass very recently got a time trial mode, and that was a significant update. We didn't see anything like that here. It's possible we're just in for additional stages, which would be most welcome.

Have you seen Snake Pass but still feel confused as to what it actually is? Don't sweat it, we know it looks a little confusing or pointless at first. This is basically an extremely chill platformer / collection game. You play as Noodle the snake, who ventures with an awesome humming bird companion, and the point of the game is to enjoy yourself generally by taking in your beautiful surroundings, solving puzzles, and collecting stuff!

"When a mysterious intruder threatens the tranquillity of their home, it's up to Noodle the Snake and Doodle the Hummingbird to embark on a daring journey to save the day. Controlling this dynamic duo, you must 'think like a snake' and slither, curl and climb your way through 15 levels across 4 increasingly challenging themed worlds. Snake Pass is a unique take on the platforming genre that is intuitive and fun to learn, but will gradually test your snake charming skills to the limit!"