Nintendo Switch FIFA 18 Port Has Some "Unique" Glitches

FIFA 18 is now available for Nintendo Switch players and though the base is a little different on this platform than the others, for the most part is an enjoyable experience. That doesn't mean the title is without its fair share of oddball glitches, some making the game look more like Minecraft than a soccer title.

One Reddit user posted a glitch that is "taking equality to an all new level" by transforming the in-game players into blocky, monochromatic characters. Even the soccer ball is a cube - at least Minecraft fans can see what playing soccer would be like for Steve and the crew.

Another popular glitch that has been making its rounds around the internet is the already infamous "no face" bug. The players in-game aren't fully rendered as the seen with the checkered pattern on their heads. The full video comes courtesy of YouTuber 'Snorth93':

More and more players are reporting this issue, though it seems certain teams are more affected than others.

The above glitches aren't gamebreaking and can even be viewed with an air of humor. EA hasn't made any public announcement of pending updates to patch these issues, but the port itself was met with overall positive feedback despite its simplified version of multiplayer and fewer content available at launch.

FIFA 18 is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.

What are your thoughts on the FIFA 18 glitches found in the Nintendo Switch port?