New Nintendo Report Has Some Bad News for Switch Owners

A new Nintendo report from a reputable source has surfaced online with some bad news for Nintendo [...]

A new Nintendo report from a reputable source has surfaced online with some bad news for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite owners. According to the new report, not only is Nintendo not planning a Direct to replace its annual E3 Direct in June, but apparently it isn't planning any Direct at all, and may not release one until September at the earliest. In fact, the report alleges that Nintendo is going as far as to tell its development partners to not wait or hold out for a Direct, even if it's a big announcement, which suggests the company really has no idea when the video show will return.

The report comes way of Venture Beat, and more specifically via Jeff Grub, a reliable reporter and industry insider who has accurately leaked Nintendo Direct dates in the past. Of course, nothing here is official, and everything here is also subject to change, which means it should be taken with a grain of salt. However, not only has the source proven reliable in the past, but this lines up with what we're already starting to see from the games maker.

This month, out of nowhere, it randomly unveiled Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch. Typically, this is the type of announcement Nintendo would hold for a Direct, not a random weekday with no warning ahead of time. In other words, this seems to reinforce the claim that the company has no Directs in the pipeline.

While Nintendo fans will still get news, game reveals, and updates from Nintendo, it won't be in the form of Directs, which are very popular among Nintendo fans. Further, all of it may trickle out slower than normal.

It's suggested that the main reason Nintendo isn't having Directs for a while is that the development of its games have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, which means we may get updates and reveals for these games later than originally anticipated.

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