Nintendo Switch Making One of Its Biggest Games Free-to-Play

Nintendo, with the aid of Blizzard, is making one of the biggest games on Nintendo Switch and [...]

Nintendo, with the aid of Blizzard, is making one of the biggest games on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite free-to-play for a limited time via Nintendo Switch Online. More specifically, today Nintendo and Blizzard announced that they are making popular hero-shooter Overwatch free-to-play, but only for a limited time and only for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. While Nintendo is pitching it as a "trial," the free-to-play period will give players access to the entire game.

For now, the trial is limited to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers and it won't begin until October 13. Once it begins, it will run until October 20. After this, the game will only be playable via normal means, which is to say via purchase. For now, there's been no word or hint at the game going completely free-to-play on the platform or anywhere else.

As for Nintendo Switch Online, unlike its PlayStation and Xbox alternatives, it's fairly cheap, costing only $20 a year. As a subscriber, not only do you get access to online games and free SNES and NES games, but exclusive offers like this.

"Join us and play Overwatch for free beginning October 13," writes Nintendo. "You'll have access to all the maps and heroes in a variety of game modes. The Overwatch Game Trial begins October 13 and ends October 20. Any experience or items you earn during this free trial will transfer over if you decide to purchase Overwatch: Legendary Edition; just be sure you purchase the game on the same Nintendo Switch Online account you played with during this Game Trial."

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