Nintendo Switch Pro Leaked by Retailer

The long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro has been leaked by a retailer, suggesting the rumors that next year Nintendo will look to add an upgraded version of the Switch to the already existing Switch and Switch Lite family of consoles are true. The leak comes way of Media Markt, a relatively major retailer in Europe, which recently updated its website with multiple references to a Nintendo Switch Pro. In fact, the console will populate when searching for the Switch, Switch software, and Switch accessories, or at least it did. By the time you're reading this, it's quite possible references to the console will be erased from the site.

Unfortunately, this is all the retailer leaks. While there are multiple references to a Nintendo Switch Pro, there are no details shared about the console, which does possibly point to these being placeholders based on all of the rumors of an upgraded Nintendo Switch that have been circulating lately.

While Nintendo has never mentioned an upgraded Nintendo Switch or muttered the words "Nintendo Switch Pro," there have been plenty of rumors and reports claiming that Nintendo is releasing an upgraded version of the console next year to compete with the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X. And while it seems inevitable that Nintendo will release an upgraded Nintendo Switch, it probably won't come under the moniker "Nintendo Switch Pro," or at least this doesn't match the naming conventions Nintendo established with the "Nintendo Switch Lite."

At the moment of publishing, Nintendo has not commented on this Media Markt leak, and it's unlikely it will, as the company has a pretty strict "no comment" policy when it comes to rumors, reports, leaks, and anything of the unofficial and speculative variety.

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