New Nintendo Switch Report Has Fans Upset With Nintendo

A new Nintendo Switch report has fans outraged with Nintendo. As you may know, the Japanese video [...]

A new Nintendo Switch report has fans outraged with Nintendo. As you may know, the Japanese video game company has been dealing with a class-action lawsuit involving the Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Con controller, or more specifically its documented issues with drifting. At the moment, the lawsuit is still ongoing, but a new development in it is earning Nintendo some backlash from fans on social media.

The update comes way of Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith, the U.S. law firm behind the lawsuit, who has been reaching out to consumers who contributed to the complaints after Nintendo argued in court that the issue "isn't a real problem" and that it "hasn't caused anyone any inconvenience."

Now, it's important to note this quote doesn't come directly out of the mouth of Nintendo or its representatives, but the aforementioned law firm. In other words, there's a chance Nintendo's position is, at least slightly, is being misrepresented. However, given that this is a law firm we're talking about, this seems unlikely.

"Thank you for contacting our law firm about the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift litigation," reads the email the law firm has been sending out. "We are working on putting together a montage of video clips from Nintendo Switch owners such as yourself as a way to give voice to the Joy-Con drift issues you've experienced. This will be helpful to us in responding to Nintendo's arguments about how this isn't a real problem or hasn't caused anyone any inconvenience. In an effort to humanize and demonstrate these issues and their impact on consumers, it would be helpful to our prosecution of the case if you would submit a short (90 seconds or less) video to us describing your experience with the Joy-Con drift on your controllers."

As for the case itself, the most recent and official update was issued back in March after the case was moved to arbitration. At the time, Nintendo requested the case be dismissed, but this request was denied.

Of course, as the case progresses, we will be sure to provide updates on the salient bits. In the meantime, Nintendo fans aren't happy to hear that Nintendo is downplaying what is arguably the console's biggest issue.

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