Nintendo Shares Important Reminder for Switch Owners

If you've got a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has an important update for you: Make sure you're charging it. That's a given if you want to do any kind of undocked gaming, but many people may now know exactly how often they should charge their devices in order to avoid any potential problems. Nintendo said in a tweet from one of its support accounts that it recommends charging Switch devices at least once every six months to make sure you don't run into any problems with the battery.

Nintendo's update was shared through its main customer support account on Twitter. The text translated by Google warns players of problems that may come up if you don't charge your Switch within the cautioned timeframe.

"The battery built into the game console may become unchargeable if it has not been charged or used for too long," Nintendo's tweet said. "Please charge it once every six months."

As mentioned previously, that may not be a problem for some people who use their Switches regularly or those who never play it in its undocked mode since it'll charge when it's hooked up that way. For those who infrequently use their Switches though, particularly people who own the Nintendo Switch Lite since it can never be docked, you may very well have left your Switch sitting in a cabinet, uncharged, for months at a time. Maybe you're waiting for a new game to come out or have moved onto something else, but the best thing to do per Nintendo's guidance is to at least hook that console up to a charger once every six months.

The alternative is having an unchargeable battery as Nintendo pointed out which would make it very hard to play whatever game you've been waiting for once it's out. Other devices in the past that need to be charged have had similar problems, so this may be nothing new to some people, but it's an important tip to keep in mind regardless.

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