Police Looking For Man Who Stole Nintendo Switch From 6-Year-Old Surgery Patient

Gamers have had a difficult time getting their hands on a Nintendo Switch due to low stock and [...]

(Photo: Nintendo)

Gamers have had a difficult time getting their hands on a Nintendo Switch due to low stock and high demand for the new console, and while some have spent time their time scouring for in-stock Switches and looking to make deals, others such as this Oklahoma-area man have resorted to lower tactics that include stealing a Nintendo Switch from a child who's undergoing surgery.

Caleb Kindle was the boy who was the victim of the theft, a 6-year-old patient in Oklahoma who was scheduled to go through an operation, a traumatic experience for someone so young that came with a gift from his parents to help him keep his spirits up as he went through he procedures. The gift was, of course, a Nintendo Switch, but the child didn't get to try out the Switch before a man snatched it from the hotel that the Kindle parents were staying at.

"He didn't just take the gaming system," said mother Cassy Kindle according to a report from Fox 25 News. "He stole my wallet which had $250 in cash, my credit cards, my debit card."

It's not as if the Switch was just laying around in the hallway or lobby of the hotel either, as it was reported that the man who took the console and the other items took time to scope out his surroundings and make sure he was in the clear before he entered the family's room after they left. According to the report from the family, the door to their room didn't get shut all the way when they left, and surveillance footage of the man shows that he went downstairs to make sure nobody was around before entering the room.

"He notices that the door is open so he goes down to the stairway for about two minutes," the mother said. "He stays in the stairway and notices that nobody's around and goes to our door again and he's looking around making sure nobody's in there and that's when he walked in."

The theft occurred back in May, but police have released more details about the crime as they continue the search for the man. Caleb got himself another $300 Switch from his family that they purchased after the first was stolen, so now that he's recovering from his procedures, he can at least take some comfort in playing some new games.

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