The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Xbox Promo Reveals the Identity of Noobmaster69

A new promo video for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the upcoming Marvel Disney+ series, has revealed the true identity of the previously unmasked Avengers: Endgame villain Noobmaster69. Noobmaster69, if you do not recall, caused havoc in the movie for Thor and his friend Korg in the video game Fortnite, but it was never revealed just who it was behind the gamertag. As it turns out, it is actually a familiar MCU face.

You see, as the promo reveals, Noobmaster69 just so happened to be the gamertag of Aaron, the former Apple Store employee in Captain America: The Winter Soldier portrayed by comedian D.C. Pierson. Pierson's Marvel persona has been starring alongside Anthony Mackie's Falcon (Sam Wilson) in a series of promos for Xbox, which is a fun callback all on its own as Aaron apparently now works at a gaming store. But the Noobmaster69 reveal puts it over the top.

You can check out the promo below:

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is set to debut on Disney+ this Friday, March 19th. It stars Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/The Falcon and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series right here.


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