Overwatch 2 Will Release on Nintendo Switch With "Some Compromises"

Even though we've recently jumped console generations with the release of the Xbox Series X and [...]

Even though we've recently jumped console generations with the release of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, developer Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that its upcoming sequel Overwatch 2 will still be coming to the Nintendo Switch. However, as you might expect, this version of the game will have to be dialed back in some areas to properly run on the platform.

In a recent AMA session over on Reddit, Blizzard's John Lafleur reiterated that the game is still very much going to be coming to the Nintendo Switch platform. Because the sequel is going to run on a better game engine compared to the original Overwatch, though, this means that the way in which Blizzard will have to adapt Overwatch 2 for Switch will be a bit more difficult than last time around. Still, just because it will be more challenging doesn't mean that the studio is forgoing a release on this platform.

"Switch is a little more challenging than some, and we'll have to make some compromises there," Lafleur explained of the process of porting Overwatch 2 to Switch. "For that reason, some of the higher end visual enhancements might not be visible, there. We'll focus on making sure all of the gameplay-related features get in, first, and then accentuate with additional features as much as possible."

As a whole, this isn't too surprising to hear from Lafleur. More than anything, it's great to hear that Blizzard still intends to support the Switch whatsoever. Again, with next-gen hardware now being available (at least in theory, since no one can actually buy the PS5 or Xbox Series X), it almost would have made more sense for Overwatch 2 to more fully take advantage of these more powerful platforms, and in the process, potentially not release for older hardware. Then again, if the Nintendo Switch does receive a "Pro" iteration in the future, much as rumors have continued to suggest, then perhaps this porting process will be made even easier for Blizzard.

For now, we still don't know when Overwatch 2 is actually going to release, but it is planned to come to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC when it does arrive.

What do you think about this new information related to Overwatch 2? And are you planning to play the sequel on Switch in the first place? Let me know your answer either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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