Overwatch Director Responds to "GOATS Meta" Complaints

Every online game has the players that love the title and the players that will forever find something that needs to be better. A lot of times, that critique is valued and used in future patches. Sometimes though, it can take a more hateful approach or can come from a place of ignorance. According to Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, criticisms concerning the game's meta falls under the latter category.

In the above clip from a recent livestream, the director discusses playing dive and how the current complaints about meta are unfounded because many of these players complaining don't understand how meta works. "The reality is, south of let's say Diamond, no one is playing GOATS. Or even if they're playing Reinhardt and Zarya and Brigitte, and all the other characters that comprise GOATS, they're not playing GOATS."

Now he's not talking about all players, but those that are alleging that they are playing these meta comps when in reality -- they just aren't. That's not to say that there aren't some necessary changes needed to be made to the game, though Blizzard has already confirmed big plans are underway for the current state of the game.

This statement echos what he said during the same stream about "GOATS being dead":

He joked that Mystery Heroes is available for those that just aren't happy with any of the many changes that the Blizzard FPS has undergone. Again, he's talking about unjustified complaints, not constructive feedback. The dev team has already mentioned previously that many of the heroes do need a rework and that's something they've been actively rolling out and will continue to do so as 2019 continues on.

"I already see that happening. I've seen people say that GOATS is dead, and now it's going to be double sniper and that's terrible, or everyone is going to play McCree. At a certain point, what the hell do you people want?"

With the recent patch now in PTR that weakened everyone's armor universally, it will be interesting to see how that feedback continues to pour in.


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