Overwatch Getting Tokidoki Toys Later This Month

A lot seems to be happening with Overwatch lately, especially with the hints indicating that we [...]


A lot seems to be happening with Overwatch lately, especially with the hints indicating that we could finally be getting Doomfist in the game soon. But there's also something else on the horizon – cute little Overwatch toys that would be novel for your gaming shelf!

Blizzard revealed in a tweet today that it would be launching a series of Overwatch collectibles with the help of the Tokidoki team! It looks like the initial collection includes Mei, Tracer, D.Va (without her gigantic mech) and Reaper, all realized into adorable Tokidoki fashion!

"Soldiers, check. Scientists, check. Adventurers, check. CUTIES, check. Get ready, heroes: Our #tokidoki x #overwatch collection launches July 19th!" the company noted in a tweet. It didn't quite state pricing on each of the figures, but we're assuming that they'll be available on both the official Tokidoki and Blizzard Gear pages, as well as possible retailers wherever Tokidoki toys are sold.

Better still, you won't have to wait long for the toys to arrive, as they're set to release on July 19th. That's when the initial batch of characters are set to arrive, though there's no word if we can expect Tokidoki versions of other favorites, like Soldier 76 (who would no doubt be too cute to bear) and Widowmaker. We'll just have to wait and see what gets announced.

This is a smart move on Blizzard's part, as it's been ramping up quite a few collectibles based on the hit franchise. It managed to introduce a stunning new D.Va statuette that's been selling well, despite the ridiculous $450 price tag (hey, some fans just have to have it, you know?), and it's also offering some great goods over on the Jinx store, including an awesome baseball cap and a Reaper deluxe shirt, as well as other goods.

So it's a good opportunity to clean up and show off your love for everything Overwatch…especially now that Doomfist is on the way to clean house. And those Tokidori figurines would definitely make for inspiration when it comes to dominating in your next match-ups. Do it for Tracer!

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.