Overwatch’s New Lunar Map, Other Changes Coming Today

We’ve seen hints over the past few weeks about new content coming to Overwatch, namely with a [...]


We've seen hints over the past few weeks about new content coming to Overwatch, namely with a new lunar-based map that players can partake in when it comes to assault-based missions. But thus far, we've had no idea when we would be getting said content. However, it looks like it's coming very soon – possibly even today.

A new update for the game, number 1.12, will launch sometime today, and with it, we should get the new Horizon Lunar Colony map, along with several balancing changes to several heroes.

The map, which was introduced last month, takes place on a moon base, where Winston was taken care of during his earlier years, before growing up to be the powerful warrior he is today. You'll be able to fight around the interior of the map for the most part, though there is a cool outer section where low gravity will change up the rules of combat as you know it.

As for how the map will be available, Blizzard hasn't made note of that yet. The game's software engineer, Bill Warnecke, previously made note that the map wouldn't be available in the game's Competitive Play mode, but he's since rescinded that statement, indicating that competitive players could be getting it after all.

In addition to the map, a few hero balance updates are happening as well. Though they aren't affecting everyone, there are a few notable ones here:

  • McCree will have a slightly buffed speed when it comes to his ultimate ability
  • Roadhog will see a slight change from his damage output overall
  • Reaper's passive ability will remove pick-up health orbs, instead providing health that's earned by dealing damage.

Some players, especially those that love these characters, will notice these differences immensely when the update drops.

As far as when the update will be available, Blizzard estimates that it'll be sometime today, between 2 PM and 4 PM PDT. So we're not too far off from gaining access to the new map and slight changes to the characters, and seeing how they affect our style of play.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.