Overwatch’s New Statistics Break Down Just How Popular The Game Is

It’s been almost a year since Blizzard released one of its first newer IP’s in years – the [...]

It's been almost a year since Blizzard released one of its first newer IP's in years – the popular first-person shooter Overwatch – and it's managed to wrangle up quite a community in that time-frame. And there are plenty of additions coming, including possible new characters and features, that will likely keep the fan base more than happy.

To show just how pleased these fans are, Blizzard produced a new infographic, featuring particular statistics from its recent Uprising event – and, yep, the game's still as hot as ever.

During the event by itself, the company revealed that there were over 145 million completed matches, and the majority managed to be lost by players that were fighting against the "Null Sector" AI. In addition, it also revealed that players who went in on the easiest difficulty setting managed to win matches by 75 percent, while those playing on a higher setting had a much smaller percentage of wins – we're talking less than one percent.

On top of that, players managed to get a total of 815+ million loot boxes over the course of the event, and the highest score achieved for a single game managed to end up just over 27,000 points – not too bad a statistic at all.

You can check out the full infographic below for all the detailed numbers.

As for those additions that seem to be coming along, director Jeff Kaplan explained that there will be a number of features introduced for Highlights soon, including the ability to save and export. "The team is working extremely hard on this and has been for months," he explained. "Expect more details early this summer."

The team is also considering adding some sort of new Gun Game-type mode down the road, as well as adding other little things, like ramping up for a Competitive Season 5 (which is set to start in June after Season 4 wraps up), considering changes to the overall kill feed, and other small things.

This is on top of the other content being rumored for the game, including three possible new Heroes, as well as other features that could be announced as soon as E3. We'll find out soon enough.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.