Pathfinder Announces Official Digital Toolset

The digital platform Demiplane has announced a multi-year licensing partnership with Paizo to develop an official digital toolset for Pathfinder, with a planned release date of early 2022. The new service, titled Pathfinder Nexus, will include a character builder, game compendium, digital video, interactive digital character sheet, and a playspace with video chat where all the tools are full integrated. Leading the development of Pathfinder Nexus is Adam Bradford, who previously founded the digital toolset D&D Beyond that supports Dungeons & Dragons play. 

"Pathfinder Nexus will give players the kind of support that a dynamic and expansive game like Pathfinder deserves," said Bradford in a press release announcing the new service. "I have seen firsthand how technology can elevate play experiences. I'm thrilled for fans to see how much convenience Pathfinder Nexus brings to the table so that the most important elements can shine through— the players and the stories you're telling together."

Digital play is one of the major reasons why the tabletop roleplaying game industry has exploded in recent years. Not only do virtual tabletop services like Demiplane or Roll20 provide players with a digital space to play, digital character sheet and character builder services such as D&D Beyond have greatly streamlined the character building process, allowing for a significantly easier play experience.

A digital character builder and toolkit should also go a great way in helping to bring Pathfinder to more players. The fantasy tabletop roleplaying game launched its Second Edition in 2019, providing players with numerous customization options for their ancestry, background, and class. Pathfinder Nexus should provide players with a single, easily accessible source for all those character options in one place, along with a way to quickly check out prerequisites and potential character builds in one place. Demiplane noted that they have an extensive roadmap planned for Pathfinder Nexus, with new features planned for years to come. You can check out an early look at the digital compendium below:

(Photo: Demiplane/Paizo)
(Photo: Demiplane/Paizo)

Fans can pre-order Pathfinder digital content on Pathfinder Nexus starting today, which grants early access to that content in the service's digital reader. Pathfinder Nexus will add more features to early access between now and the full launch. You can check out more information at the official Pathfinder Nexus webpage.