Paizo Announces New Pathfinder and Starfinder Products to Kick Off PaizoCon

The tabletop roleplaying game publisher Paizo has announced several new products to kick off its annual PaizoCon. Today, publisher Erik Mona announced a few new Pathfinder and Starfinder books that will be released in the coming months during his keynote presentation at PaizoCon. The most notable of these is the upcoming Treasure Vault rulebook for Pathfinder, which will add a variety of new mundane, alchemical, and magical items, including fan-favorite items from Pathfinder 1E, a massive expansion of alchemical items for the alchemist class, and rules for making custom magical items.. Treasure Vault will be released in February 2023. Paizo will also release a three-part Gatewalkers Adventure Path designed to compliment the upcoming Dark Archive rulebook, as well as a Starfinder Drift Crisis Case Files Adventure featuring three short mystery adventures set in the aftermath of the Drift Crisis. More details about all of these products are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks. 

Mona also provided additional details about some of its previously announced products, including Dark Archive and the upcoming Lost Omens: Impossible Lands books. Dark Archive will delve into the paranormal side of Pathfinder, and will provide rules and a short adventure centered around 8 different types of paranormal experiences. Impossible Lands will explore several more fantastical areas of Golorian, which will include new magic rules and a bestiary of monsters from several areas. 

Mona also revealed that Paizo would publish the collected version of Fists of the Ruby Phoenix, a 2021 Pathfinder adventure path centered around a magical martial arts tournament. The collected version will be released in January 2023. Paizo has announced that it would publish several other recent Adventure Paths as hardcover books, including the popular Abomination Vaults book. Mona also teased that Paizo may release Fists of the Ruby Phoenix for "other games" later, similar to Abomination Vaults receiving a Dungeons & Dragons 5E adaptation. 

You can watch the full keynote address by Mona below: