PayDay 2 Getting An Ultimate Edition

Just days after it confirmed that its popular bank robbing game PayDay 2 would be making its way [...]

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Just days after it confirmed that its popular bank robbing game PayDay 2 would be making its way to virtual reality, Overkill Software has announced that it's going to be making some changes to the way the game is sold and structured, by setting it up as an Ultimate Edition.

This package will not only include all the downloadable content that's been released thus far, but it'll also include any future content that's planned for it, as Overkill is currently working on something for it.

The company has noted that the Ultimate Edition will arrive on June 8th, and it'll sell for $45. That includes the original game and all its content into one package. But there's a catch – if you already own the game and haven't picked up the DLC yet in the Steam store, you may not be able to access it without upgrading to the Ultimate Edition. That's because Overkill will remove all the DLC once the Ultimate Edition arrives.

But don't fret, there's still more than enough time to pick up the remaining downloadable content for it so your game will be complete. In fact, it's actually on sale right now, with all of it selling for 85 percent off. That's quite a savings, so if you need more bank-robbing adventures, there's no better time to take advantage.

Overkill did make note of certain concerns, including whether the original game would be supported with the arrival of an Ultimate Edition. It noted, "We've actually decided to support PayDay 2 even longer than originally planned. Previously, we announced that we were going to stop at the end of 2017. But now we've extended development until October 2018."

In addition to the Ultimate Edition for Steam, Overkill also confirmed that the console editions of PayDay 2 will be getting extra content as well, though it hasn't been dated as of yet. This also includes the recently announced Nintendo Switch edition, which is likely to hit the market sometime this fall. So, yes, there will be plenty of bank-robbing to be done. Let's just hope you can work good as a team, yeah?

PayDay 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.