Persona 5 Royal on Nintendo Switch Boasts One Huge Improvement Over PS4 Version

The esteemed Persona 5 Royal is still on its way to the Nintendo Switch and other platforms outside of its original home on the PlayStation 4, and ahead of that October release, Persona fans have discovered one key aspect of the Switch version that players can look forward to. It seems that the Switch version of the game will take up far less space on the console – roughly three times less based on what's been seen so far – than Persona 5 Royal occupied on the PlayStation 4 back when it first released.

Twitter user ScrambledFaz noticed this week that the Nintendo eShop listing for the game had gone live (in Japan, at least) with a couple of game screenshots and other details listed there. Amid the known info about things like how many players it supported and its October 21st release date, one of the tidbits shared there on that page also confirmed that users will need at least 12.5GB of free storage space to download the game.

Considering how anyone who wants to have any meaningful Nintendo Switch library probably already has an SD card or two to manage their downloads, this small footprint for Persona 5 Royal is great news, assuming that listing is true and the same file size will be spotted in other regional listings of the game. When you compare it to the PlayStation 4 version of the game that came in at around 30GB, it's an even better change for those on the Nintendo Switch who are precious about their storage space.

The same Twitter user who posted this discovery speculated immediately afterwards that the saved space perhaps is due in part to the reduced visual quality of the game's animated cutscenes compared to what was seen on the PlayStation 4. So long as the downscaled visuals in regards to those cutscenes aren't dealbreakers for those who were set on getting the Nintendo Switch version anyway, that's not a bad compromise to make if it means more storage space.

Persona 5 Royal is scheduled to come to the Nintendo Switch platform on October 21st.