Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night Get First Character Trailers

(Photo: Atlus)

Two new trailers have released for the upcoming Persona dance games, Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night. This first dup of trailers highlight the moves and costumes that will be available in the game for Persona 3's Yukari Takeba, and Persona 5's Ryuji Sakamoto. Each character has a new subset of costumes, and both trailers feature familiar music from each game's soundtrack. Atlus is also running an interactive social media campaign, which you can check out the details for below.

Here's the first trailer, which features Persona 3's Yukari in her default outfit, idol outfit, cheerleading outfit and more. The trailer also features Fuuka Yamagishi doing duet dance moves with Yukari:

The second trailer focuses on Persona 5's Ryuji, whose dance moves are a little less 'pop idol' than Yukari's. One can argue tht this isn't exactly dancing, but thanks to Ryuji's charisma, his wild and somewhat hilarious moves come off as charming and are probably plenty of fun to play. Accompanying Ryuji in this trailer is Yusuka Kitagawa, who is, by comparison, a far more serious character. The trailer shows off Ryuji in his Phantom Thief outfit, a gym outfit, and a fancy dress outfit, so there's more than enough Ryuji to go around for those among us who fell for his wacky charisma in Persona 5:

Atlus has also announced that fans can submit messages of encouragement for the two characters using a special submission form, with the chance to receive a reponse from that character to show their gratitude. With packed casts on both games, its like that we're in for several more character trailers over the next three months leading up to release.

The new Persona dance games follow the success of Persona 4: Dancing All Night. They're set to include all of the major characters from each title, with new costumes and all of the in-character dance moves a fan could hope for. Each of the games will feature a huge soundtrack of tunes for players to jam their way through, including remixes of popular songs from each game.


Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night are currently scheduled for release in Japan only, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, on May 24th.

Source: Gematsu