Pikachu Speaks English in New Pokemon Movie

People are losing their minds over an unexpected line in the new Pokemon movie.Pokemon the Movie: [...]

People are losing their minds over an unexpected line in the new Pokemon movie.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You debuted in the United States and Europe earlier this month, giving fans a chance to see Ash and Pikachu's earliest adventures together all over again. While reactions to the movie were generally positive, a lot of fans weren't expecting Pikachu to actually talk to Ash in the film. And not in his usual "Pika, Pika, Pikachu" language, but in unmistakable English.

We first reported that Pikachu actually spoke to Ash when the movie came out in Japan, and in fairness Pikachu's "voice" seems to be a hallucination in Ash's head.

Somebody uploaded the infamous scene to Twitter earlier this week, so you can hear Pikachu's famous first words for yourself.

As the Internet began to collectively lose their mind about Pikachu's one line of dialogue, the woman who "voiced" Pikachu spoke out about her moment of infamy. Kate Bristol released a brief statement on her Tumblr page. "I think the literal circumstances under which Pikachu is "speaking" are up to interpretation," she wrote. "I saw it as something in Ash's mind. But it's up to anyone. And it's ok to think it's super weird."

"I sat in the theater with the rest of the cast while everyone shouted "what the F***" and I sat there laughing at how bizarre it all is, especially hearing my squeaky little voice come out of it."

If you missed out on a chance to see Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You in theaters, you can watch it on Disney XD on November 25th at 10 AM ET.