‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Bans Several Pro Players For Several Years After Confirmed Cheating

Cheaters never win. Sure, they may think that they’re getting an edge; but eventually, things [...]

Cheaters never win. Sure, they may think that they're getting an edge; but eventually, things will catch up with them and they'll surely lose out. That's the lesson several PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players are learning, as they're facing multi-year suspensions from the hit Battle Royale game for utilizing a hard-to-detect cheat.


Per this report from Game Informer, the company had begun banning accounts for using radar hacks, which allowed cheaters to pinpoint locations of other players in the hopes of getting that Chicken Dinner in an unfair manner. But after doing this, it apparently ended up banning ten competitive players from the game, and has now served multi-year suspensions for them, as noted on Twitter.

"We verified that the evidence for every ban is indeed conclusive, and that there is no grounds to assume any of the banned accounts had been hijacked or borrowed at the time the unauthorized program was used," the company noted.

"The six players who have been convicted of using an unauthorized program in professional games in addition to public games will be issued a three-year suspension. The four players who have been convicted of using an unauthorized program in public games but not in any professional match will be issued a two-year suspension."

And the company has made it clear that in the future, "before any official esports competition, all participating players will go through a comprehensive background check on all their accounts, and any player with incriminating evidence of having used an unauthorized program will be suspended and prevented from competing."

Finally, for those that may have dabbled with the cheat, PUBG Corp. warned, "However, any player who is not receiving a penalty right now but has a record of an unauthorized program usage in any of their accounts will effectively be blocked from entering any officially recognized PUBG esports competition in the future. For all upcoming esports competitions, we will make it mandatory for all players to go through a background check on all accounts they own, from which we will uncover any ban records to determine the appropriate esports suspensions."

So, yeah, maybe stop cheating and play the way the developers intended. Again, cheaters never win. Or prosper.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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(Hat tip to Game Informer for the scoop!)