PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Now Has a "Known Issues" Forum

A new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds forum has been created to address and fix various bugs and [...]


A new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds forum has been created to address and fix various bugs and issues in an effort to improve clarity and discussions between developers and players.

The forum was unveiled on Friday with several different lists of issues already present in the forum under different categories. Some of these issues are already scheduled to be fixed while others are ones that the PUBG team is simply aware of and is looking into.

"The PUBG dev team are fixing various bugs and issues in addition to developing new content and game systems," the post from the PUBG team read. It is our goal to improve the level of transparency when it comes to letting you know which issues have been identified and are being worked on. We are striving to have a better turnaround on identifying and solving emerging issues."

As for the issues that are already currently on the dev team's radar, vaulting deaths, zoom levels, and various other bugs are just a few areas that are being looked into, the full list of bugs that are scheduled to be fixed, under investigation, or require a personal report from a player.

Scheduled To Be Fixed

These issues have been already resolved internally. They will be applied in the next live server patch.

  • The compass UI wobbling when parachuting straight down
  • Dying from falling when vaulting and climbing in the water
  • Delay between reload and the first shot
  • The adjusted zoom level in 8x scope resets after changing into another weapon
  • When the character opens the door while sitting down, the door opens as the character stands up instead of opening immediately
  • When player changes the seat while the motorcycle is in the air, it stops and sinks to the ground
  • Holographic and Red Dot sights are intermittently pixelated
  • Some in-game texts are missing or misaligned
  • After reconnecting to the game, the camera direction of ADS FPP goes off intermittently

Under Investigation / Fix In Progress

These are issues that are under investigation or in the process of being resolved.

  • Random overturning of motorcycles
  • Two players getting stuck in the door
  • When reporting through replay, sometimes the name is wrong or even invisible
  • Long Leather Boots (Brown) do not have spikes in the game
  • 4x scope's aim point shows in red instead of blue in colorblind mode
  • Friends list does not function normally
  • "Reconnect" button does not show when trying to rejoin the game after being disconnected from a custom match
  • After reconnecting to a DUO/SQUAD game, team members cannot distinguish or revive each other
  • After reconnecting to a DUO/SQUAD game, team members' markers on the map are different from their actual locations
  • After reconnecting to a DUO/SQUAD game, team members' HP indicators on the lower left appear full and do not change

Need To Be Reported

These are comparatively rare issues that require individual resolution. If you are experiencing one of these issues, please contact customer support.

  • In the main menu, the BP appears as N/A and there is a message that says match making failed
    • Please contact customer support with screenshots of your main menu. The issue is due to an issue with inventory information
  • BP appears as "-"
    • Sometimes when the server is unstable, actions that consume BP such as character customization are made multiple times in a series, consuming a large amount of BP at the same time. Please take a screenshot of your main menu and contact customer support
  • When trying to reconnect to the game after disconnecting, "Reconnect" button isn't there.
    • If you see an error message in the lower part of the main menu, please contact customer support with a screenshot.