PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Introduces Two New Weapons This Week

Bluehole Studios has been making subtle yet effective little changes to PlayerUnknown’s [...]


Bluehole Studios has been making subtle yet effective little changes to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds over the past few months, prepping the game for its "final" release on Xbox One and PC next month. But now it's thrown some firepower into the mix, and that's something players will want to take notice of.

On Twitter this week, the company announced that it is adding the DP-28 and the AUG A3 guns to the game's test servers, so players can jump in and give them a try while they attempt to win their coveted chicken dinner. You can see the tweet below.

As for where you can find the weapons, according to the company, the DP-28 can be located on the island of Erangel, while the AUG A3 will be delivered through an exclusive care package.

In terms of what each weapon is capable of, PUBG Corps broke it down even further. The DP-28 acts as a light machine gun that can hold up to 47 rounds and has support for both red dot sights and 4X scopes, for those that prefer precision.


Meanwhile, the AUG A3 is a bullpup assault rifle that can hold 5.56mm rounds, and is perfect when it comes to fending off potential ambushes. Again, you'll have to wait for supply drops to get your hands on it, but it's very useful.


These weapons should be included in the final game when it arrives next month, though the developer didn't confirm that 100 percent just yet. A final weapon count for the Xbox One version hasn't been given yet. That said, considering the money that Microsoft is pouring into that edition, we'd be shocked if it didn't get these guns. Or maybe it'll be getting some exclusives of its own. Hmmmm.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is available now on PC in Steam Early Access and will get its full release next month. The game will also arrive on Xbox One on December 12th.