This Viral Tweet Suggests Someone Tried To Trade In A PlayStation Controller With Rocks For Analog Sticks

Let’s be honest, we’ve probably heard these ridiculous stories about GameStop employees being [...]

PlayStation 4 Rock

Let's be honest, we've probably heard these ridiculous stories about GameStop employees being asked to take in stuff that's been damaged beyond belief. We're talking about game systems that have bugs living inside them, games scratched up beyond belief, and other weird stories that make it, well, interesting to work for the retailer.

But now, a new viral tweet has been making the rounds, suggesting that someone walked into a GameStop and attempted to trade in a game controller with a rather…unique modification.

According to the tweet, which was shared by a user by the name of Best Mom Eva, the unnamed employee explained that "someone tried to trade in a controller with rocks glued to the thumbsticks and got angry when we wouldn't take it." And apparently the customer tried to put up a fight about it, as that same employee explained, "I'm so tired."

We've included the image below, which also includes the caption "Fucking RockStop" for good measure, because…well, if they did take it, they'd probably be RockStop, right? Or, for that matter, maybe they could've called the controller a DualRock 3, eh? (Instead of a DualShock 3.)

Still, this controller's modification is a bit on the weird side. From what we might be able to understand, this player was going through PlayStation 3 games to the point that they managed to wear out both the left and right analog sticks, and, instead of logically just purchasing a new controller with fresh analog sticks, they decided to take the "fix it the old-fashioned way" route and glue on two rocks for the best kind of traction. We're not sure how well something like this works, but…well, there it is.

We'd love to hear more about not only the employee who refused to take this controller in (and apparently got it anyway, since they posted a picture of it online), but also the person who thought it would be a good idea to modify the controller this way. And it makes us wonder what other modifications people might have thought of. After all, you can pretty much glue all sorts of stuff in the place of analog sticks, right?