PS2-Themed PlayStation 5 Retailer Says All Orders Now Canceled Due to Threats

A retailer for PS2-Themed PlayStation 5 consoles announced they were cancelling all orders due to [...]

A retailer for PS2-Themed PlayStation 5 consoles announced they were cancelling all orders due to threats. Retailer SUP3R5 (which has no affliation with Sony) announced earlier this month that they would begin selling a special PlayStation 2 customized version of the PlayStation 5 console and DualSense controller. These customized versions of the fought over consoles were going to be in limited supply, and the retailer began accepting pre-orders for the custom consoles and controllers not long after. But in a recent update from the retailer, SUP3R5 revealed they would be cancelling all orders placed for the custom consoles.

Noting through a message in their now deleted official Twitter account (h/t Tom's Guide) as of this writing, SUP3R5 would be cancelling orders due to "credible threats" they had received over the console, "Last night, our team began receiving credible threats to their safety. We take these threats seriously, and as a result, we're not proceeding forward. All orders are being cancelled with full refunds."

This was not long after the retailer noted how they were having issues processing orders and payments, and it seems that potential buyers have been responding negatively to the retailer as well. Social media channels have been flooding with questions to the company about their potential orders and refunds, but just as many have responded saying they have received their refund as initially promised.

It's unclear from the initial announcement whether or not the "credible threats" SUP3R5 were receiving from Sony themselves, but it's likely there won't be any announcement or update on that front as they have now erased their presence from social media at the time of this writing. Fans were aware of the lack of official licensing from Sony from the beginning of the pre-orders as SUP3R5 noted this themselves on their official website, but that website has not been updated with the cancellation information as of this writing either.

With the PlayStation 5 console in as high of a demand it is these days, this mass cancellation is surely going to bum out those hoping to get their own console. But with the official release not offering custom options such as this PlayStation 2 take, outside options like this must seem far more enticing to those hoping to jump into the next generation of gaming.

But what do you think? Would you buy a custom PlayStation 5 from SUP3R5 if everything does end up working out? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments!