PlayStation 5 Reportedly Not Yet Delayed Due to Coronavirus

Numerous events and products have been delayed or cancelled outright due to the coronavirus, but [...]

Numerous events and products have been delayed or cancelled outright due to the coronavirus, but the PlayStation 5's release date has reportedly not yet been affected by the pandemic. News of this reassurance about the PlayStation 5 release date comes from LetsGoDigital, an outlet which said they spoke to Amsterdam PR agency that represents Sony Interactive Entertainment Benelux. The company reportedly told LetsGoDigital that the PlayStation 5 has not yet been delayed by the coronavirus, though we still don't know what the actual release date of the console will be beyond knowing that it's releasing during the holidays this year.

LetsGoDigital said only that it reached out to the PR agency and that the company confirmed that the console hadn't been delayed due to the coronavirus. As those who've been watching the developments of the coronavirus' impact on the entertainment industry, however, even things that didn't seem like they'd be delayed have now been pushed back. The PlayStation 5's release date wasn't supposed to be until the holidays of this year anyway, so it's difficult to see that far out, but the fact that the PlayStation 5 is still in production and different components will be required means that things could always change.

Even if we don't know the release date of the console yet, it shouldn't be long before we're able to know much more about the PlayStation 5's specifications when Sony reveals new details about the console. A reveal time has been set for March 18th with the presentation covering several key parts of the console and answering questions people have long been pestering Sony with as they tried to learn more about the PlayStation 5.

Mark Cerny, the lead system architect for the console, will be presenting viewers with these answers, though it's unclear what the extent of the presentation will be. We could get our first official look at the PlayStation 5 and its new controller to show off its appearance and its features, or the presentation could focus solely on the technical aspects of the console.

Microsoft already revealed the full specifications of the Xbox Series X to show what its console will be capable of, so expect to see comparisons between the two consoles right after the PlayStation 5 details are revealed.