PlayStation Classic Has Been Transformed Into a Portable System Via a Fan Project

Ever since its release last month, the PlayStation Classic has...well, it’s seen better days. Following some scathing reviews revolving around shoddy emulation and poor game selection (including ours), the price on the all-in-one system has dropped dramatically. But one fan has found a way to transform it into a handheld gaming system, giving it a new lease on life. Kind of.

PlayStation Classic

A Twitter user by the name of NIWAchannel has shown the PlayStation Classic rebuilt as a somewhat awkward looking handheld system, with analog sticks on its sides, a full color LED screen in the center of the system and a rather large build. It’s a bit odd, but still way better than what owners of the current system are seeing right now.

NIWAchannel said in the post, “I still have a lot of places to put a temporary pair, but I was able to play normally for the time being. people who are making such a wack is not quite what.” You can see pictures of the system below.

It doesn’t look like it’s been hacked to run extra games yet, as we only see base selections that were already offered in the PlayStation Classic library, including what appears to be Mr. Driller.

It’s an interesting idea, though there are a lot of people that would probably find more comfort in playing something like the PlayStation Vita, despite the fact that it’s being discontinued this year.

Regardless, this PS Classic handheld looks like a neat project. It’s unknown if NIWAchannel will be offering these for sale, as it’s probably more of a fan project for them.

You can also see the follow-up tweet below, in which they note, “because the body part floats when I put it, but it is like a foot.” You can see an additional image in the tweet as well.

The PlayStation Classic is available now, though you may want to read my review before you jump into a purchase.


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(Hat tip to PlayStation Lifestyle for the scoop!)