PlayStation Community Challenge Offers PS5s and More as Prizes

If you're one of the many PlayStation fans who haven't yet been able to claim a PlayStation 5 for yourself, Sony's running a contest soon that'll give you a shot at winning one instead of finding one in stock. There's a catch, naturally, and that's that only a couple of PlayStation 5 consoles will be given out to a select few winners. You still stand the chance of winning other prizes like a PlayStation Store gift card and a Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, and everyone who participates is guaranteed to earn things like avatars and themes.

The contest involves a community challenge called "Seize the Throne" which connects back to the chess-focused PlayStation spot released back when PlayStation had its big PlayStation Showcase event. By signing up for the event, you'll be able to contribute towards the community challenges and can start earning things yourself.

Actions like playing games by yourself or with others and using features like the sharing and trophy systems earns points. Those points go towards community totals which are used to meet thresholds of different stages of the event. Stage one and two award unique avatars while stage three awards addition avatars and a PlayStation theme. That theme's only available for those on the PlayStation 4, however, since the PlayStation 5 does not yet support that kind of feature.

Those prizes are guaranteed so long as everyone does their part and plays PlayStation games during each phase, but for the grand prizes, you'll have to get lucky. To win one of those, you'll have to give correct answers for questions that'll be posted soon and will then have to be selected as the winner for your region from the pool of correct applicants.

The questions obviously haven't been revealed yet, but they'll be available from November 17th to November 18th. One regional winner from the Question 1 category will win a PlayStation 5 console, one winner from the Question 2 category will earn the PlayStation rings, and one regional winner from the Question 3 category will earn the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and the PlayStation Store card. The full details offer a bit more info for any remaining questions you may have.