PlayStation Has a Major Sale Planned for This Week

The PlayStation Store is officially set to have one of its biggest sales of the year starting in [...]

The PlayStation Store is officially set to have one of its biggest sales of the year starting in only a couple of days. Despite offering numerous other deep discounts to coincide with the holiday season over the past month, this week's sale might be the biggest one that the platform will have offered up so far.

Spotted by video game deals-finder @Wario64 on Twitter, it has been confirmed that the PlayStation Store's annual "Holiday Sale" will kick off later this week on Tuesday, December 22. The limited-time event will go live on the normal date and time as all of Sony's other weekly deals, the only difference this time around is that this sale will surely contain way more games than normal. Most digital storefronts tend to go all-out with discounts around this time of the year and PlayStation is no different.

The only downside is that, for now, we obviously don't know what games are going to be included in this sale. PlayStation has simply said that potential consumers will be able to take advantage of "huge savings on essential games and add-ons from December 22." That being said, we'll likely get a full look at all of the deals being on offer from PlayStation soon enough in addition to a variety of other details.

Prior to this Holiday Sale beginning though, PlayStation is still running its "End of Year Deals" right now. This current promotion sees discounts of up to 80% off with standout games like Dark Souls III, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Resident Evil 2, and Monster Hunter: World being some of the many titles that have been marked down. This promotion will end before the Holiday Sale goes live, however, so you don't have much longer to do your shopping.

Whenever we do get a look at all of the games that are planned to be part of this forthcoming sale on the PlayStation Store, we'll be sure to let you know. Until then, you can follow along with all of our other coverage dedicated to the platform right here.

So what are you hoping to see appear in this week's Holiday Sale? And do you think any notable PlayStation 5 games will be discounted or will this mainly be tied to games on the PlayStation 4? Let me know down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12 to chat more.