PlayStation Network Was Down, Affected Fortnite and Other Games

Update: It appears that PlayStation Network issues have now been resolved.PlayStation Network [...]

Update: It appears that PlayStation Network issues have now been resolved.

PlayStation Network seems to be down at the moment, with users reporting that Fortnite and other games have been affected. Issues with the service tend to be resolved fairly quickly, but Sony has not addressed the issue, as of this writing. As such, it's impossible to say for certain just how temporary it might be, and whether or not users can expect the situation to occur for an extended period. Other companies have, however, addressed the issue on social media, including Epic Games. The Fortnite publisher released a Tweet about users encountering issues, which has apparently had an impact on those trying to purchase V-Bucks. The company's statement can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

It's impossible to say what might have caused the issue with PlayStation Network. These types of outages tend to be fairly common, but they usually get resolved quickly. There was no announced maintenance scheduled for this time period.

In the meantime, PlayStation users will just have to sit tight and enjoy some single-player or local multiplayer experiences, instead! PS4 has a massive library of games, and with the upcoming release of the PS5 later this year, this could be the perfect opportunity for players to enjoy some of the games that they might have been neglecting! It could also give players a chance to revisit an older favorite, as well.

Of course, this issue couldn't have come at a worse time for fans of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. Season 6 dropped earlier today, adding new maps, modes, and more. Unfortunately, PlayStation fans that have been eager to spend a little time with the update will have to hold off on doing just that. In fact, the game's update had already been having some issues on PS4, so this is simply a new frustration on top of that. Hopefully, the issue will get resolved sooner, rather than later.

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