PlayStation Now Reveals New Games for August 2021

The month of August has just begun, which means that PlayStation is now bringing an all-new slate of games to its ever-growing subscription platform, PlayStation Now. After a massive month of July which saw seven new titles coming to PS Now, Sony has dialed things back in August and is instead only adding three new games to the service. Still, these three new games are largely exceptional and should be very much appreciated by those who are subscribers.

Starting tomorrow on August 3, the three new games that will be joining PlayStation Now include Square Enix's NieR: Automata, the action-platformer Ghostrunner, and the indie darling Undertale. All three titles will be available to download and play across both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms since they are from the PS4 era of hardware. While some games on the service have to be streamed via the internet in order to experience, PS4 titles have been able to be natively downloaded to your own console with PlayStation Now for quite some time.

The biggest note with these three new additions comes with how long they will be sticking around on PS Now. Typically, many titles that come to the platform have a certain shelf life and will disappear after a few months. Luckily, most of the games in this slate seem to be sticking around in perpetuity. Only NieR: Automata is slated to leave PlayStation Now in the future and will go away on November 1, 2021. Undertale and Ghostrunner will instead remain available to download for quite a long time and have no intent to leave the platform any time soon.

As a whole, if you aren't already subscribed to PlayStation Now, the cost of entry isn't too bad. Typically, the service only retails for $9.99 per month. Conversely, you can also subscribe for an entire year for $59.99. Subscriptions can be purchased either directly through your own PlayStation console, or you can buy a pre-paid card at most retail stores.


So what do you think about these new additions to PS Now in August? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.