PlayStation Rumored to Reveal New IP for PS5 Soon

A new rumor has come about this week suggesting that PlayStation will soon reveal a new IP that will presumably be coming to PlayStation 5 consoles in the future. In recent weeks, reports and rumors have been heavily circling suggesting that Sony is planning to hold a new "PlayStation Showcase"  event of some sort very soon. And while Sony itself hasn't confirmed this to be true, it seems like we now have an idea of what one potential announcement could be at this presentation if it does take place. 

According to a Twitter user that goes by "The Insider," Sony is preparing to reveal a new IP of some sort within the coming weeks. While details are still sparse, this rumor suggests that an announcement from PlayStation will likely come about before September comes to a close. Further information associated with the nature of this project and the studio that might be working on the hypothetical game were not given.

It's worth stressing that this new PlayStation rumor should be taken with a pretty big grain of salt. Even though "The Insider" has had some accurate scoops lately in relation to other video game announcements, they still haven't built up a large enough track record to be considered wholly reliable just yet. As such, don't get too excited about this rumor until we learn more from Sony in an official capacity. 

Still, as mentioned before, given that we've heard recent rumors and reports about a new PlayStation Showcase happening in the near future, this rumor isn't far-fetched by any means. Assuming that PlayStation did hold a new event soon to show off upcoming titles coming to PS5, it would make sense for a new IP to be among these reveals. 

Do you think that we'll see a new PlayStation Showcase event happen in the near future? And if so, is it feasible that a new IP might be revealed for PS5 at that time? Share your own thoughts with me on this matter either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.