Classic PSP Games Get New Features on PS5 and PS4

A pair of classic PSP (PlayStation Portable) games that have been re-released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 today have come with new features. For nearly a year, Sony has been more prominently dipping into its back catalog of PlayStation titles and is making them more easily accessible via PlayStation Plus. As of today, that trend has continued once again and has seen a tandem of releases from the PSP era get some highly-requested new functions. 

Available right now, both Ape Academy 2 and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror have now been re-released on PS5 and PS4. Each game is accessible for "free" for those subscribed to PlayStation Plus Premium, but Sony has also let loose each title on its own for $9.99 apiece. Originally, Syphon Filter came to PSP in 2006 and was later released on PS2 in the following year. As for Ape Academy 2, the spin-off installment in the Ape Escape series was never formally released in North America, which makes its arrival today on modern PlayStation platforms that much more unique. 

When it comes to the new features that Ape Academy 2 and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror have in tow, both games have received improved visuals, quick saving, new video filters, and the ability to rewind. Perhaps most notably, though, is that each title also now contains trophy support. While trophies eventually were earnable on the PS Vita, Sony didn't end up implementing this function for games that came to PSP. As such, today also happens to be the first instance in which Ape Academy 2 and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror have ever had earnable trophies, which should result in excitement from those looking to revisit these legacy PlayStation games. 

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror: "You are Precision Strike Operative Gabe Logan, commanding a black box U.S. agency that legally doesn't exist. While investigating the para-military group Red Section, Logan uncovers a project known only as Dark Mirror. To neutralize this latest threat to global security, Logan must infiltrate, recon and execute decisively."

Ape Academy 2: "The apes have finally graduated from the Ape Academy, so this term things are going to be a little different! Evil genius Specter has invented a new card game and it's sweeping the globe, helping him on his way towards world domination.

Get ready to mix it up with the monkeys using Specter's 'scissors, paper, rock' cards – there are 300 to collect – before taking them on in over 100 fiendishly difficult mini-games. Just don't underestimate the apes, no matter how silly they act; Specter has put an ultra-rare platinum monkey card up for grabs (not to mention a year's supply of bananas) and they'll do anything to claim the prize!"