New PlayStation State of Play Could Happen Next Week

A new State of Play presentation from PlayStation could be happening within the coming week. Although Sony hasn't said anything about such an event at this time, rumors have been swirling for quite some time that PlayStation will be sharing more about its upcoming releases quite soon. And while there's a chance that this rumored showcase might not come about until a later date, many have started to suggest that July 8 will be the date in which this new State of Play ends up happening.

In a new article compiled by Game Rant, it is pointed out that PlayStation has had somewhat of a pattern when it comes to State of Play presentations during 2021. Specifically, it was mentioned that each State of Play stream this year has taken place on a Thursday with a span of only one to two months happening between each. If this trend were to continue, then this week would almost line up perfectly for such a State of Play presentation to take place, meaning that July 8 is a potential date to watch on the calendar.

The way in which we'll know whether or not PlayStation is actually going to hold a new State of Play stream in the coming week should come in the next few days. Once again, as history has shown, Sony tends to make State of Play announcements either two or three days in advance of each event. So if July 8 is the date to keep an eye on, the reveal of the State of Play as a whole should come about on either Monday, July 5, or Tuesday, July 6.

As usual, take these rumors with the usual grain of salt, but it's definitely worth keeping all of this in mind as we move forward. If PlayStation does make any major announcements at some point soon, we'll be sure to update you here on


So what do you think about these theories? Do you think there's a chance that a new State of Play could happen next week? And if not then, when do you think PlayStation will hold its next presentation? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.