PlayStation Discounts One of Its Best Games Ever to Only $10

PlayStation has discounted one of its best games ever to the low, low price of only $10. The game [...]

PlayStation has discounted one of its best games ever to the low, low price of only $10. The game in question is specifically that of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, which was released in 2016 on the PlayStation 4. And while this title is one that has been on sale quite a bit in the past, this is definitely one of the lowest prices that it has ever appeared at. To make this sale even better, though, it's not the only Uncharted game that is available for this value.

Uncharted 4 happens to be part of PlayStation's ongoing Summer Sale, which has seen the steepest discounts so far in 2021 on the marketplace. Not only is Naughty Dog's beloved action-adventure title included in this sale, but hundreds of other beloved games--both published by PlayStation and otherwise--are included in this lineup. Many of these titles happen to also be critically acclaimed, meaning that there are truly some fantastic titles that you can add to your own library for very little cost in the coming days.

As mentioned, what's incredible about this sale is that Uncharted 4 isn't the only game within the larger series that has seen a steep markdown. The game that followed Uncharted 4, which is that of Uncharted: Lost Legacy, is also on sale for a mere $10. Lost Legacy is a standalone title within the Uncharted series that doesn't follow the main protagonist Nathan Drake, but it's just as good of a game in many ways. The game shares the same engine compared to that of Uncharted 4 and many of the same characters show up in both entries.

Conversely, if you're someone who hasn't played Uncharted 4 yet and you own a PlayStation 5, there's a decent chance that you might already have free access to the game. U4 is actually part of the PS Plus Collection, which is a free library of games that are made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS5. So if you're already subbed to PS Plus, you can just head to the PlayStation Store and download it right now if you so choose.