PlayStation Vita: The End Book Fully Funded on Kickstarter

While PlayStation has dominated the video game industry for the last 25 years, they haven't had [...]

While PlayStation has dominated the video game industry for the last 25 years, they haven't had the greatest success with handhelds. Despite offering more powerful devices than Nintendo's DS line, the PSP and Vita simply couldn't compete, and Sony's handheld ventures seem to be at an end. That isn't to say the devices didn't have fans, however. The Vita in particular had a fairly devout fanbase, and those gamers clearly like reading about the system, as the third book chronicling the handheld has been funded on Kickstarter. Author Sandeep "2 Old 4 Gaming" Rai's PlayStation Vita: The End has now earned more than $13,000 on the crowdfunding site, as of this writing. Rai was looking for $5,194 for the book.

PlayStation Vita: The End will cover the later days of the system, from 2015 to 2019, when the system ceased production. During this time period, a number of notable games were released for the handheld, so buyers and backers can look forward to reading about titles such as Shovel Knight, World of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest Builders, and more. For fans of the system and followers of video game history alike, the book should prove rather interesting.

According to Rai, PlayStation Vita: The End will look at the system and its library objectively, but readers that want a more personal perspective are in luck. As one of the campaign's now-cleared Stretch Goals, Rai is offering a VitaZine to anyone that purchases the book physically. The 50-page magazine will cover what Rai considers to be the 100 best games available on the handheld system. For gamers just looking to start their collections, or fill-in gaps in their Vita library, it sounds like the perfect addition!

With the book fully-funded, Rai is shooting for a January 2021 release date for PlayStation Vita: The End, though he has noted that it could arrive sooner.

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