PlayStation And Xbox Show Sportsmanship Before E3 Conferences

Console wars reach their peak right around E3 — discussion about which consoles are superior [...]


Console wars reach their peak right around E3 — discussion about which consoles are superior devolve into heated arguments, and speculation as to which platform-exclusive games deserve a player's time run wild. But in the midst of all of the competition that rages around the big event, it seems that the companies themselves are remaining civil and showing some good-natured sportsmanship.

As Microsoft gears up to start their conference and begin offloading news of new games and the much talked about Project Scorpio, they've been reminding fans via their social media accounts of the best ways to watch their conference and stay up on the news. They did so today by directing people towards their Mixer service, and PlayStation's Twitter account responded by wishing them the best before they take the stage.

PlayStation wasn't alone in this gesture either, as Xbox also wished their competition the best earlier in the week as both companies were undoubtedly putting the finishing touches on their presentations.

While many of the Twitter users replied to both of these acts of good intentions and applauded the companies for working towards bringing gamers the best possible experience instead of solely on beating the other, the console wars couldn't be extinguished, even in that brief moment of the ceasefire. Xbox vs PlayStation flared up once again with people bringing out their arguments on why their console was superior, and several advocates of the PC lifestyle hopped in to share their opinions.

There's likely still going to be talk after E3 is all said in done about which company had the superior conference — it'd be very difficult to say that they tied, so one will have to do better than the other in some way. One of the comments that was made several times in the replies is one that certainly rings true, and that's that the gamers are the ones who truly win during these times of competition.

Microsoft will be starting their conference quite soon today at 2 p.m. PT, and Sony is set to begin theirs tomorrow on June 12 at 6 p.m. PT.

[via DualShockers]