Pokemon Anime Brings Back Even More Iconic Characters

A preview for an upcoming episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series has revealed that two more [...]

A preview for an upcoming episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series has revealed that two more characters from the classic series will be returning for a special two part episode. Earlier this week, we reported that Ash would reunite with Brock and Misty during a school trip back to the Kanto region. Ash and his classmates will be visiting Professor Oak's lab in Pallet Town, which is also the home to many of Ash's Pokemon.

Sure enough, the trailer for the upcoming episode shows Ash reuniting with his Bulbasaur, which we haven't seen in the anime in years. Other than Pikachu, Bulbasaur stayed by Ash's side far longer than any of his other original Pokemon companions. In a brief clip, Ash's Bulbasaur sees Ash and leaps into his arms, joyfully nuzzling up against his trainer's face.

That's not the only old friend to make an appearance in the new episode. The preview also revealed that Jigglypuff will also make a surprise return to the series, 14 years since its last appearance on the show. Jigglypuff was a wild Pokemon who followed Ash and his friends through the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn regions, hoping that someone could listen to its song. Since its "Sing" move put everyone to sleep, Jigglypuff would frequently get angry and draw all over Ash and his companions' faces with a sharpie marker. Sure enough, the preview shows Jigglypuff putting Ash, Misty, and Brock to sleep.

The preview also showed several iconic moments from the early seasons of the show re-done in the new anime's art style. The preview shows Ash saying goodbye to Butterfree and Charizard, and cuddling with Larvitar, as well as watching Bulbasaur in the Secret Garden where its species goes to evolve.

It seems pretty clear that the upcoming episodes are a must watch for any fan of the original Pokemon series. The episodes will air on September 14 and 21 in Japan.