Crazy Theory Claims Mr. Mime Is Ash Ketchum's Dad

One of the greatest mysteries in Pokemon lore is Ash Ketchum's father. Nobody knows who he is. We [...]

One of the greatest mysteries in Pokemon lore is Ash Ketchum's father. Nobody knows who he is. We know his mother Delia, but there's no concrete evidence who the dad is of the young Pokemon trainer. There's plenty of theories though. The most popular theory with perhaps the most evidence claims Professor Oak is his father. But there other theories as well, including one that believes that Ash's dad is actually Mr. Mime. Yes, the Pokemon. Of course, there's not a ton of evidence to back up this claim, but, buckle in.

So for whatever reason, Ash doesn't age, which is very strange, and may suggest he has some Pokemon blood in him. We also know Mr. Mime lives with Delia, which isn't crazy by itself, Pokemon live with humans all the time, but what is a bit strange is that one point Delia and Mr. Mime go on vacation together. Further, at one point during the vacation, Mr. Mime, slyly puts his hand on Delia's thigh/hand.

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

A little strange, right? Anyway, let's assume Mr. Mime is actually in some type of Pokemon-human relationship with Delia. Even if this is true, he simply could be a step dad. But, according to the theory, there's a few pieces of evidence that suggest Mr. Mime is the biological father, not a step dad. One, Ash doesn't age. He's been 10 for like 20 years now. The argument here is that Pokemon don't age either, they simply evolve. Two, Ash has a strange ability to communicate with Pokemon that others don't, suggesting he's able to do this because he's half Pokemon. Three, it explains why Pikachu initially tried to attack Ash.

Again, there's no solid, jaw-dropping evidence, but there's enough for a fan theory, and this has been a popular one over the years.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment or two with your thoughts or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. What do you think of this fan theory? If Mr. Mime isn't Ash Ketchum's father, who is?

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