Disturbing Pokemon Trainer Theory Goes Viral

Since 1996, the Pokemon video games have inspired a number of fan theories, with some being a bit [...]

Since 1996, the Pokemon video games have inspired a number of fan theories, with some being a bit more plausible than others. Reddit poster ThemightyTho came up with a unique theory about the trainer battles that have existed as part of the series since the very first generation: they're all attempted robberies. As evidence for the theory, the poster points to the fact that players are regularly "ambushed" by opposing trainers, the player is unable to run away, and the loser of the battle is always forced to hand over half of their money. It's a pretty interesting take on a staple of the series!

The original theory can be found in the Reddit post embedded below.

All pokemon battles are attempted robberies. from r/pokemon

Every Pokemon game has included this financial element as part of trainer battles. In fact, the Pokemon: Let's Go games on Nintendo Switch take it a step further, as players will also receive Poke Balls from opposing trainers they defeat. The player never actually loses any of their own Poke Balls this way, but it does mean that the opponent is being robbed of both their money and their physical property!

That said, while it's certainly a fun theory, readers shouldn't look at it as anything other than that. If all Pokemon trainer battles were the result of attempted robberies, the Pokemon world would be a pretty cruel and unforgiving place. This would mean that even Youngsters and Preschoolers are mean-spirited jerks desperate for sweet, sweet Poke Dollars! There are also Police Officers and Postmen that regularly challenge players to battle; are these civil servants that hard up for cash that they're forced to ambush a quiet 10-year-old from a small town?

If the Pokemon world had never been depicted outside of the video games, this theory might have some merit. However, the anime and various manga have (mostly) depicted trainer battles as a wholesome competition between peers. The financial aspect has rarely been touched on however, as it might raise similar questions. Unless Pokemon Legends: Arceus reveals some horrifying truth about the origin of Pokemon battles when it releases next year, fans can breathe easy, knowing that their in-game opponents aren't some horrifying enemy. Except for Channelers; they're pretty horrifying no matter what!

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